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Stop losing time and money per listing, piecing together aerial logo maps for prospective buyers. Close the deal faster with REBLIE’s amenities map creator.

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REBLIE is the faster, easier way to make professional real estate aerial maps for potential buyers. So they see the value of the location even before they schedule a viewing.

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The New Way to Build Aerial Maps for Commercial Real Estate

The old way

Look up the property in Google Maps and snap a screenshot of the region

Upload the image of the map to a word document or design software

Track down logos and company info for relevant businesses throughout the area

Click and drag logos across the image to populate the map with local amenities

Save the image, cross your fingers, and hope it’s not blurry or low quality

Time spent
2+ hours

The REBLIE way

Search the address

Watch retailer information auto-populate

Download your map in minutes

Time spent
~3 minutes

If potential buyers aren’t familiar with the area surrounding a property, they won’t take the time to schedule a viewing...

The problem is, creating Commercial Real Estate Maps for your offering memorandum is tedious and time consuming.

Many real estate professionals spend late nights piecing together retail maps for their offering memorandums by using aerial photography or snapping screenshots from Google Earth, uploading them to PowerPoint or MS Word, and scouring the web for logos of nearby businesses to populate the map.

Other realtors pay a designer hundreds of dollars per listing to create high quality point of interest maps highlighting local retailers near the subject property.

Well, they used to, anyway… Then they found REBLIE.

Build Your Free Map
  • Generate retail maps in minutes

    Search any address & populate logos of surrounding businesses automatically.

  • Create POI maps every month

    Create 15 retail maps per month for just $59/mo. Get more as needed.

  • Save hundreds of dollars per month

    No need to pay a professional designer. Do it all with REBLIE.

  • Get your listings noticed faster

    Help clients visualize the subject property at a glance.


Give potential buyers an Aerial Retail Map with

Your real estate company’s name
Surrounding businesses, streets, & other info
The subject property, price, and square footage

...all on one page.

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