Introducing Reblie's

Retail Map Generator

Many commercial real estate professionals spend countless late nights putting together tedious retail site maps for their subject properties.

At REBLIE, we know your time is too valuable—your sanity too precious—to lose hours of sleep screaming at Microsoft Word or PowerPoint for being lousy real estate map design programs.

That’s why we’ve worked with a team of developers and designers to create a software that will make your job less stressful.

REBLIE is an easy-to-use retail site map generator designed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals. What used to be a mind-numbing project that took two or three hours is now an automated task you can do in minutes.

Yes, minutes.

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What is an aerial real estate map?

Aerial real estate maps are known by many different names. CRE professionals may refer to them as retail site maps, point of interest (POI) maps, amenities maps, or shadow anchor maps, to name a few.

Whatever you choose to call them, these real estate maps are invaluable for any CRE firm.

An aerial real estate map is a map of a region that highlights the subject property, surrounding businesses and retailers, and local data, such as the number of commuters who drive through the area daily or weekly. These maps highlight surrounding businesses by featuring the companies' logos.

Many CRE realtors use aerial real estate maps in their listings to show the value of a subject property based on surrounding retailers in the area. The higher the retail traffic near your location, the more valuable your subject property is.

Reblie is the only easy-to-use aerial retail map generator that produces aerial retail maps in minutes rather than hours.

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