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Build Your Free Map Book A Demo
1. Search The Subject Property
  • Enter the subject property address to see a satellite view of the subject property and surrounding businesses.

  • Click Rotate to see the subject property from North, South, East & West perspectives.

  • Zoom in or out to capture as much or as little of the surrounding area as you want.

  • Outline the subject property and any other points of interest with the simple outline tool.
2. Customize Your Map
  • Click Load Logos to automatically populate logos of nearby businesses in minutes… so prospective buyers can see nearby businesses surrounding the subject property.
  • Click Add or Hide Company Name to display only logos or logos with their respective business names.
  • Easily increase or decrease the size of all logos, or click and drag to move them out of the way of points of interest.
  • Don’t see a logo for a business you’re looking for? Click Add Logo to search for a local business. If you still can’t find the business you’re looking for, you can easily upload it directly to your REBLIE map with a click of a button. (REBLIE uses a community interface, so as users populate it with company info, the platform gets smarter.)
  • Add additional details and notes such as square footage information, the number of offices, and any important features of the subject property. Or include a brief company bio.
3. Instantly Improve Your Offering Memorandum
  • Download your custom REBLIE map in minutes and move on to more important tasks.
  • Looking for a retail map you’ve previously created? All your REBLIE maps are saved and easily accessible under My Maps.